Microtonal tuning and scale editing for your DAW

What if you could tune any synth, to any possible scale. In your DAW… or standalone.

Enter Entonal Studio

  • Plugin hosting (AU/VST2/VST3)
  • Scala file import and export
  • Intuitive scale editing tools
  • Work with EDOs as well as Just Intonation
  • Full support for MPE controllers


View and arrange scales

The radial graph view shows the scale and the relative positions of each note. You can freely drag notes, or have them snap to ratios. See the relative intervals between two or more held notes.


Quick editing of scale intervals

Values can be entered as cents, ratios, EDO degrees or mathematical expressions.
Note intervals are automatically arranged in ascending order. The period (or octave size) can be entered as a value in cents or as a ratio. Quickly create an EDO with the Equal Temperament generator.


Map notes across your keyboard

Need to have notes in non-ascending order? Want to map only white keys for non-12 note scales? Need to adjust the root frequency or note of your scale?
The mapping section allows custom mappings for maximum flexibility.


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