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Entonal Studio transforms your favourite synthesizers into microtonal instruments

Radial graph
Intuitively dial in custom tunings
Plugin host
Make any synth microtonal
Easy to browse and explore for beginners
Multiple formats
Standalone, plugin instrument, MIDI plugin
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£79 GBP or $95 USD
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Radial graph
Infinite freedom to create
  • Easily retune scale notes by colour and angular position
  • Drag notes or have them snap to ratios
  • View relative intervals between two or more held notes
Plugin hosting
Your favourite instruments, re-tuned
  • Make any synth or virtual instrument microtonal
  • Retune using MTS-ESP or MIDI pitchbend messages
  • Hosts: AU / VST2 / VST3 instruments
  • Runs as: MIDI effect, standalone, AU / VST2 / VST3 instrument
Preset browser
Discover hundreds of non-standard tunings
  • Access a bank of common tunings and useful starting points
  • From Just Intonation through 53-EDO and far beyond
  • Export and Import custom scales – either your own or other users
Scale editor
Easy note editing
  • Enter note values as cents, ratios, EDO degrees or mathematical expressions
  • Add or remove notes in a snap
  • Modify octave value in cents or as a ratio
Scale Generator
Generate new scales
  • Create custom temperaments
  • Helpful hints to explain what the values mean
  • Script your own scale generator
Map notes across your keyboard
  • Easily map tunings to your keyboard with a clear visual interface
  • Create custom mappings to match your unique setup
  • Choose to map only white keys or sections of the keyboard
£79 GBP or $95 USD
Pay in installments with Klarna

Buy now or download to start your 28-day trial

Full feature list

More than just a MIDI effect, Entonal Studio is a plugin host that can house third-party virtual instruments in VST2, VST3 and AU formats.

Make conventionally tuned instruments microtonal and unlock new dimensions to your favourite plugins.

With over 200 presets to choose from, and intuitive scale editing with our radial graph, Entonal Studio invites newcomers to the world of non-standard tunings to experiment without getting bogged down in the technical side of things.

Of course, you can dive in deep if you want to, but you can do a huge amount with Entonal Studio with no prior knowledge of microtonality.

Add or remove new notes to your scales in a list, and type their values in cents, ratios, EDO degrees or mathematical expressions with a maximum 192 notes per octave.

Entonal also allows you to define the ratio of the ‘repeating interval’ for scales that don’t repeat at the octave, and view a tuning information table to see exact note frequencies between the -2nd and 8th octaves.

Play your scales how you want, map your scales to your keyboard and perform them in the way that suits you. Remove black notes, change root notes and pitch, or simply auto map for ease.

Entonal Studio supports MPE per-note pitchbends, letting you glide seamlessly from one scale interval to the next on your MPE controller – even if your scale intervals are uneven.

Entonal Studio houses a single oscillator synthesiser called Simple Synth, so you can make microtonal music without any third party synthesisers.

Simple Synth offers three waveforms, ADSR envelope controls and a delay unit. The oscillators are alias-free and the envelope is super snappy. There is a tone control to adjust the harmonics for each waveform.

Share your original scales with others, or import scales that others have made, using Scala or XML import and export.

Share and discover tunings on our vibrant Entonal Studio Discord channel , and pick up tips and tricks from other microtonal musicians.

Adjust tuning across multiple tracks in your DAW simultaneously with Entonal’s Group function. Create up to four Groups, and add as many iterations of Entonal to each Group as you like.

Adjusting your scale in any Entonal in a Group automatically makes the same adjustments in every other instance of Entonal in that Group.

When using Bitwig Studio, FL Studio or Studio One, the names of your notes are shared with the DAW’s piano roll, making it easy to see what’s happening as you program notes.

By routing MIDI from Entonal to your pitchbend or MPE compatible hardware instrument, you can transform your favourite physical synthesisers into microtonal machines with ease.

Breath new life into classic and modern synths alike, and hear your collection like never before.
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